RFC 5241 on Naming Rights in IETF Protocols

Not a bad one this year:

This document proposes a new revenue source for the IETF to support
standardization activities: protocol field naming rights, i.e., the
association of commercial brands with protocol fields. This memo
describes a process for assignment of rights and explores some of the
issues associated with the process. Individuals or organizations
that wish to purchase naming rights for one or more protocol fields
are expected to follow this process.

RFC 5241 for the whole thing.



I kinda liked this one http://www.osronline.com/cf.cfm?PageURL=showlists.CFM?list=windbg

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> I'm glad to hear that the WinDbg team at
> MS are finally introducing support for
> the 'tb' (trace backward) command. It's
> always been an irritation to me that
> I'll be stepping through code, to find a
> problem and typically I'll always end up
> stepping just those few instructions
> too far.