The Joy Of Tech (TM)

I've never been much of a fan of web comics other than Dilbert, and of course that's really only a web comic if like me you're too cheap to buy a newspaper. After an hour or so browsing around and laughing out loud, though, I think The Joy of Tech by Nitrozac and Snaggy has changed my mind.


Spam: "Why Can't You Just..."

Along with computer viruses, spam (however defined) is becoming a significant barrier to actually getting things done with these computer things. Almost everyone would love it if there was an easy solution to the problems spam causes: either a technical solution or a non-technical (legal or social) one would do.

Order of the Phoenix: Unanswered Questions

Please sit down.
I am going to tell you everything.
   — Albus Dumbledore, to Harry Potter

Well, Dumbledore may have finally come clean and answered all of Harry's questions, but from a technical perspective I feel J. K. Rowling still has some explaining to do. Here are some areas she might consider addressing in the next volume.


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