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Spam and TypeKey

One of the reasons for upgrading to Movable Type V3.x was that I have been using Jay Allen's great MT-Blacklist module to keep the blog spam away, and the new one for Movable Type V3.x is much nicer. In the long run, I can't see Jay putting much effort into Movable Type V2.x support.

Having upgraded, then came the bad news: the new MT-Blacklist requires a later version of Perl than the one running on my public server. And it's a Cobalt RaQ4, on which the remote administrative GUI dies if you upgrade Perl. Oops. Guess I should have read the requirements a bit more closely.

Given the amount of time required to get this far, I'm not going to revert to Movable Type V2.x. Instead, I have enabled the comment registration facility: in order to comment on the site, you now have to register with TypeKey and sign in. That's free, and a one-time operation for all the Movable Type V3.x and TypePad blogs you comment on, but it is a bit more of a hassle. I'm sorry to put people through this, but I think it's the best compromise for now.

Movable Type 3.11

I'm in the process of upgrading the software that runs my blogs from V1.65 to V3.11 of Movable Type.

So far I have run into only one problem with this process, a series of "prototype mismatch" errors when rebuilding blog index pages.

List of Ingredients

One of the reasons I decided to use Movable Type to run this blog was that you get the source, which means you can poke around with it if you want to. In addition, lots of other people have already written plugins for the basic system.

This article describes the ingredients that go together to make the current Technology Stir Fry. I plan to update it when I make significant changes to the site.

[Latest update 20040520: Upgraded MT-Blacklist to V1.63, then to V1.64.]


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