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ClientServices are web services provided by the ThereClient. You need to enable the System Cockpit to access any of these services, but The ThereClient can access them internally without enabling external access.

The ClientServices are handled from the ThereClient's poll loop. If you fire sequential requests at the client, you can expect to get about 30 services processed per second. You can get far higher throughput by making several requests concurrently: see ClientServicesPerformance for more details.

Resources Service

You can access any of the files in the ThereClient's Resources folder and subfolders using their names, without needing to know where the ThereClient has been installed:


You can't access files above the Resources folder or in other client folders in this way; if you try, you get an error message saying that you tried to access system files.

dob Location Service

Find out where a particular dob is, given its doid:


The result of this might be:

 -1647.84 -7876.39 5999995.59 41.43

These are X, Y and Z coordinates plus a heading (N=0, E=-90, W=90, S=+/-180). This service only works on dobs that are in-world, not in gear. It also only works on dobs which are visible to you, so that your ThereClient already knows about them. It therefore can't be used to find the current location of some object you know the doid of that might be far away, such as someone else's avatar.

Pilot Identity Service

You can find out the avatar name and avatar doid for the logged in user:


The result of this service is an XML document like this:


Doid to Avatar Name Service

You can convert an avatar doid into an avatar name:


The result of this service is an XML document like this:


ScriptHook Service

The V2.00 ThereClient introduced a service specifically intended for use by programs external to the ThereClient. This operates as a ScriptHook service as follows:


For a full description of this service, see the entry for ScriptHook.

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