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Getting Started

Members are permitted to create new content for There after joining There's Developer Program. All new content is subject to a submission process to prevent inappropriate and offensive items from appearing in There's PG-13 environment, and to prevent copyright violations. Submission fees are based upon resources required to support a particular type of item; thus, an item with a high resolution texture and high polygon count will incur greater expense than a low resolution/low polygon version of that item. Submission fees for rejected items are partially refundable; the amount being based upon a refund schedule published by There.

Development Tools

There currently provides a builder kit consisting of a Previewer program and gamepack plug-in to export model files from the 3D modeling tools [gmax] and 3ds max® version 5. Originally distributed by Autodesk, gmax is a free "no-frills" version of their 3ds max® product. Although gmax development, maintenance and distribution have been discontinued, it is now available from [Turbosquid]. Installation of gmax still requires the entry of a free [registration code], also available from Turbosquid. For proper installation, gmax should be installed before installing the builder kit.

There also provides template files which contain the required nodes and [diphy balls]? to create furniture, vehicles, etc. A new object must differ from the template which it was based upon, else the submission will be rejected.

There also provides a Previewer without the gamepack plug-in for members who simply wish to paint new textures to submit with existing models. Certain items such as buggies and Bacios are available only as completed models to be painted; templates are not available. Not every item created by There is available for painting at this time.

There's StyleMaker? program is an easy way to begin designing clothing for There. Stylemaker currently supports the creation of baggy tops for males and form-fitting tops and bottoms for females. Shoes and other clothing items are not currently available. Stylemaker does provide the ability to choose from a variety of sleeves, collars, waistlines, etc. Various colours and patterns can be selected for each section chosen for a top or bottom. Custom textures can also be imported. The completed style and texture can then be submitted as-is, or the texture can be exported and further developed through the use of Photoshop or a similar product.

The Figleaf program is provided by There to help ensure that clothing meets There's standards for modesty.

The Zoetrope program is useful for developing animation textures. There currently supports member-created animation through textures only; animated models and scripting are not permitted at this time.

All submissions are stringently screened to intercept copyright infringements and texture and model theft. Materials created by another party may be used only if that party provides the license to do so.


All linear dimensions in the MetaVerse are described in terms of "scale meters", or just meters for short. A male avatar is supposedly 2.4m tall, a female one a little shorter (CheckThis

Note: although newer PortaZones are described in terms of fractions of an acre in their catalogue descriptions, they are still measured in meters on their Info pages.


Rejeanne's list of [Builder Tutorials and Helpful Information].

Freddie's vertex shading tutorial:

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