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In order to edit this Wiki, you need to contact IanYoung to get an editing password. Once you have received an editing password, say abcd1234, you need to register yourself with the Wiki software so that it will recognise that you are an editor. To do that, follow these steps:

After going through the above procedure, visit any page in the Wiki and you should find that the majority will now supply a link close to the bottom that reads "Edit text of this page".

After you have registered and the system recognises you as an editor, you could at least in theory edit practically anything on the Wiki. At least initially, it would probably be better if you didn't do that:

Please don't be offended if IanYoung re-edits your information or moves it about. Actually, please don't be offended if anyone does that: it is in the nature of Wikis that other people will build on your work, and in some cases that means reorganising it or moving it around to somewhere new. It is probably a bit rude to do this until you are confident that you understand how things "ought" to be organised, and it is definitely a bit rude to reorganize someone's personal page. It is quite the done thing to add a note to someone's personal page as a way of sending them a message.

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