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Ref: http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/action_scripts/actionscript_dictionary/actionscript_dictionary372.html


"Action; allows the Flash movie to communicate with either the Flash Player, or the program hosting the Flash Player, such as a Web browser. You can also use the fscommand action to pass messages to Macromedia Director, or to Visual Basic, Visual C++, and other programs that can host ActiveX? controls."

In our case, the ThereClient.

FSCommands can be called in one of two ways:

  1. Using ClientServices, GuiService? to simulate FSCommand (
  2. Using the actionscript getURL function within a flash movie.

When using FSCommand within a movie, the ThereClient will know the name of the calling movie. However when using ClientServices to simulate the FSCommand the movie name must be provided.

A list of running movies and their names can be retrieved from

This creates the advantage that one movie can simulate an FSCommand on behalf of another.

FSCommands found are listed below. (written as actionscript getURL calls)

getURL("FSCommand:setStageWidthHeight?", "width=&height=");

Sets the stage width and height. If the movie itself is beyond the stage, it will appear cropped.

getURL("FSCommand:setWidthHeight?", "width=&height=");

Sets the movie width and height. If this is set beyond the stage, the movie will appear cropped. The movie size cannot be dragged beyond the boundaries of the ThereClient window, i.e. if the movie width and height is the same as the ThereClient itself, it cannot be dragged.

getURL("FSCommand:beginDragWindow?", "");

Call this on a button press, and the movie will follow the mouse until release.

getURL("FSCommand:setTextureBitDepth?", "depth=32");

Used to set bit depth of the movie.

getURL("FSCommand:closeWindow", "");

Used to unload the movie from the ThereClient.

getURL("FSCommand:browser", "");

Opens a ThereClient browser window, perameter is url (inside or outside the ThereClient depending on user prefs)

getURL("FSCommand:PlayUISound?", "uiSoundSelector?=");

Plays a sound, uiSoundSelector? is an integer and some of the values are as follows,

0 - Dialog appear
1 - Open menu
2 - Close menu
3 - Enabled menu item rollover
4 - Disabled menu item rollover
5 - Menu item activate
6 - Control rollover
7 - Control down
8 - Control up
9 - Control change
4096 - Permission denied
4101 - Save button
4102 - Undo button
4103 - Message recieved
4104 - System message
4105 - Avatar message
4108 - System message one
4109 - Avatar message one
8192 - Typing backspace
8193 - Typing crlf
8194 - Typing any character

getURL("FSCommand:Log", "level=&msg=\n"); [Not tested]

Adds a line to "There.log"

getURL("FSCommand:removeObject", "Object="); [Not tested]

Not sure of usage, but in one instance, "Object=" + _parent._parent.list[_parent.itemIndex].poid;

getURL("FSCommand:setTherebucks", "Amount="); [Not tested]

Dont get any ideas, im pretty sure this is ThereClient side ONLY :)

getURL("FSCommand:changeState", "AvatarState?="); [Not tested]

Not sure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:guiCommand", "action=");

Used to issue a GuiCommand.

getURL("FSCommand:copyToClipboard?", "text="); [Not tested]

Copies text to clipboard.

getURL("FSCommand:getKeyboardFocus?", "");

Used to get keyboard focus, call this before focus on an input box.
OpenQuestion: How to return focus to the main window without the user having to click it?

getURL("FSCommand:getWindowFocus?", "");

Used to get focus on the movie.

getURL("FSCommand:requestDefaultFocus?", ""); [Not tested]

Used to request default focus, (Speculation: perhaps when the ThereClient window has been focused, this item gets focus).

getURL("FSCommand:requestNextFocus?", ""); [Not tested]

Used to request next focus, user presses "tab" for focus to switch.

getURL("FSCommand:tab", ""); [Not tested]

Used to simulate "tab" pressed in the ThereClient window. Forces focus to change to the next item.

getURL("FSCommand:NewMessage?", ""); [Not tested]

Used to send a message in an IM, perameter is message to send.

getURL("FSCommand:GrabKey?", "Release=&Code=");

Used to redirect keys from the ThereClient window into the flash movie, (e.g. arrow keys). Release=0, grabs the key, Release=1, releases the key back to the main window. This only works when the flash movie is in focus. This enables alternative functionality of the arrow keys when the movie is in focus. The values of Code are as follows,

165 - Left Arrow
166 - Up Arrow
167 - Right Arrow
168 - Down Arrow

getURL("FSCommand:IMSummon", ""); [Not tested]

Used to summon members of an IM.

getURL("FSCommand:IMAddBuddy?", ""); [Not tested]

Used to Add the members of an IM to buddy list.

getURL("FSCommand:IMAddIgnore?", ""); [Not tested]

Used to Ignore the members of an IM.

getURL("FSCommand:IMRemove", ""); [Not tested]

Used to remove members from an IM.

getURL("FSCommand:IMAdd", ""); [Not tested]

Used to add members to an IM.

getURL("FSCommand:addChatText?", "text=");

Used to send text to the ThereClient window. (Recent tests proves this isnt the case, I may have done this wrong though, ideas welcome -- Bedicus)

getURL("FSCommand:beginChangingAvatarLooks?", ""); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:setSiblingWeight?", "name=&weight=&bodyChangeCategory?="); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:setPhenomorphWeight?", "name=&weight=&bodyChangeCategory?="); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:setFeatureColorIndex?", "index=&bodyChangeCategory?="); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:endChangingAvatarLooks?", ""); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:registerFlashProp?", "var=&val="); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:setFlashProp?", "var=&val="); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:newChildPluginWindow?", "id=&url=&type=");

Used to create a new instance of a control as a child of the calling control.

getURL("FSCommand:closeChildPluginWindow?", "id=");

Close a control created with newChildPluginWindow?.

getURL("FSCommand:requestChangeMeLeave?", ""); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:activePobAction?", "poid=&action="); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:doNotShow?", ""); [Not tested]

Unsure of usage.

getURL("FSCommand:messageBarResponse?", "id=&button="); [Not tested]

Used to return a message bar response.

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