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Types of Files Used by ThereClient and Related Programs

ExtensionSignature Description Usage

animob configuration

Lua script for animobs such as dice, dogs,
dog treats, drinks, and vehicles

aggregate skin config

XML configuration for skutes for flexible/animated
objects such as dogs, trees, flags, etc.
animation TANI animation Skeleton based animation (i.e., body movements)

image parameters

Colour average and dimensions for a dds file
with a matching name. Example: most pixels in are 45 red,
115 green and 90 blue. Taking all pixels into
account, the corresponding ave file describes
the image as 45.541672 red, 115.379654 green,
and 89.456284 blue. Its dimensions are 256x256.
bubl SOM A collection of blocks (models).Used to work around the limitations of a single model.

[Cascading StyleSheet]

Extends HTML tags by defining classes
which embed multiple specifications.
Example: <DIV class="redUnderscored">

Extension used thus far only for uudobdir.dat, which
appears to be a directory for uudobs


[DirectDraw Surface]

Format to store DXTn (n=1-5) compressed jpg or png
images with [mipmap] levels for faster texture rendering
dll MZ [Dynamically Linked Library] Executable code used by one or more programs
dl.0 partial download Extension is stripped upon completion.
dmp dump Debugging info generated by program crash
dob distributed object Used to configure dobs



Set of animations, expressions, sounds and/or moodicons
(images) used to express emotion or perform an action
expression EXPR
exe MZ executable program Example: ThereClient.exe


[Graphics Interchange Format] Lossless compressed image for web pages
and icons
glob GLOB A placed set of blocks. Zephyr is built with a bubl/glob set.
gmax [gmax] model Stores model definition in editable format
[Hyper-Text Markup Language]

Used to create web pages

ini configuration Saved program runtime settings

[Joint Photographic Experts Group]

Lossy compressed image for web pages
or conversion to dds texture
js [Javascript] Scripting language for web pages
lay layout Saved layout for zone or house
lnk shortcut to another file Used to start ThereClient and other programs
log audit trail Log files record event history for subsequent review.
mls RIFF4 [MIDI] instrument samples


exported model

The frame on which the textures are applied.
Finished item for There which cannot be reimported to [gmax]


skute animation

Morph based animation (i.e., facial movements,
trees bending, etc.)
mso ActiveMime Used by Previewer
ogg Ogg [Ogg-Vorbis] encoded audio Compressed audio used for some sound effects


[Portable Network Graphic]

Lossless compressed image used for web pages
and some icons
pvr Used by Previewer

scene configuration

Defines glob file, coordinates, server address, sound,
permissions and other parameters.
skeleton SOM A flexible framework for [avatars].
skute SKUT A model that bends with a skeleton.
smi [smiley] definitions SMI files link emotes to emotions and mood changes.
style Clothing item definition XML for Stylemaker clothing item
swf FWS, CWS[Flash] movie Used for web pages and some GUI components


[Targa] image

Compressed image format;
appears to be used only for palette.tga
tlg There Login XML for There session data

ThereScript (Lua)

Scripting language for There objects. Usually
configuration information, but may have functionality
(such as the rules of a spades game)
txt Used for annotation and configuration files
xmi FORM [eXtended MIdi] MIDI audio used for music and some sound effects
xml [eXtensible Markup Language] Used to load, save and transfer data
xsl [eXtensible StyleSheet Language] Used to display data in forms
  Partial signature contained within file header
  Plain text
  Not specific to There
  Depends upon type of file being downloaded
 ⁿ 0-9 
  File for external program; not used by ThereClient

Note: this page is not complete

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