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Allows certain commands to be issued to the client depending on its arguments.

GuiCommands? can be called in one of three ways:

  1. Using ClientServices, GuiService? to simulate GuiCommand (
  2. Using actionscript to call FSCommand:guiCommand from within a flash movie.
  3. Combination of these, using ClientServices, GuiService? to simulate an FSCommand to call a GuiCommand (cant see much use for this, but possible).

GuiCommands? found are listed below.

 action=togglepreference&pref=MuteAllSound?  [Not tested]
 action=togglepreference&pref=Compass [ tested , turn off compass - turn on ( only in action mode ) ]
 action=voiceTalk&toggle=0  [Not tested]
 action=outThereWindow&urlTag=VoiceTrainerUrl&targetName=There_Central  [Tested]
 action=map  [Not tested]
 action=places  [Not tested]
 action=activities  [Not tested]
 action=happeningNow  [Not tested]
 action=thisPlaceInfo?  [Not tested]
 action=thisPlaceExit?  [Not tested]
 action=shop  [Not tested]
 action=auctions  [Not tested]
 action=changeMe  [Not tested]
 action=organizer&folder=gear  [Not tested]
 action=help  [Not tested]
 action=guide  [Not tested]
 action=restoreLastWindow?  [Not tested]
 action=thereCentral  [Not tested]
 action=browse  [Not tested]
 action=emotions  [Not tested]
 action=im&av=doid [tested]
 action=summon&av=doid [tested]

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