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IhostServices are web services provided to the ThereClient by an ihost. For example:

Not many of these services are currently known, and they require authentication from the ThereClient in order to operate. From Camel, in forums:

 You'll be unable to do pretty much anything there with just
 your web browser because in order for the ihost to know
 just who exactly you are, you have to send a ThereAuthentication?
 HTTP header (which is a base 64 encoded md5 hash of some
 information including avatar doid and a unix timestamp --
 if anyone is interested in figguring out how to reverse
 this method completely, please contact me). There is also
 another ("basic') form of authentication for the ihost;
 it has a seperate http header ("Authorization") and has
 a value of "Basic " and a base 64 encoded string whose
 value is a doid with a trailing colon.

 If anyone's interested in learning more, here's a hint. =P

Things suspected to be IhostServices, mainly from the ThereClient log file (196772622 is the avatar doid for iay):

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