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MescadThere's avatar name is Mescad. Mescad has an old DOID which is only 8-digits: 90094683

Mescad's Braindump:

Environment Variables

Under Review:

envtestfile.txt - Environment dump file. If this file exists when the ThereClient loads, the environment variables in the file will be set.

My current envtestfile.txt
Variable Type Value
perfVisBandwidth? Integer 20000
guiManGuiChoice? Integer 2
new_login Integer 1
navigateEndTime? Double 1.08138e+009
debugCachingTfs? Integer 0
deprecatedPilotAvManAddr? Integer -2032566976
totalDownloadBandwidth? Double 32000
maxActiveDownloads? Integer 5
mThobStepPeriod? Double 0
mStepContinuous? Integer 0
textHeight Double 0.14
mThobStepLimit? Double 0.1
pilotDoid Integer 90094683
uudmUpdatable Integer 1
clientAppPort? Integer 9999
perfNumLightSources? Double 1
uudmEnabled Integer 1
localHostAddr? Integer 67152064
Nonverbose Integer 1
# GRAND TOTAL: 241 variables


A typical DownloadHud? display might look like this:

   Downloads 1 Q'd 0 BW 32000
   2054 s/av/mt0/lb/

MusicHud - with this variable set, as you approach a loudspeaker, jukebox or other music source in There the MusicHud window will appear at the top of the screen. The window is non-movable, purple and arrives across the top of the ThereClient window. This display will vanish as you move away from the sound source (how far?)

Initially the window display will look like this:

   Station: Pulse Radio

It will immediately change to look like this:

   Station: Pulse Radio
   Song: Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun

Notes: Sometimes the song title changes to the next song before the current song ends. Is this due to buffering?

The UserCam?+ app is activated with the flipCamera environmental variable. A small window external to the ThereClient opens with the following clickable words:

Default  1stP    3rdPfnt  3rdPTop
Zoom+    Zoom-   FOV+     FOV-
Raise    Lower   RotX+    RotX-
Lock     View    Tight    Loose

Default - Original POV when UserCam+ is activated
1stP    - First Person View
3rdPfnt - Body Mirror View
3rdPTop - Standard View
Zoom+   - Moves Camera closer to the avatar
Zoom-   - Moves Camera farther from the avatar
FOV+    - No Effect (greyed out)
FOV-    - No Effect (greyed out)
Raise   - Rotates camera above the avatar
Lower   - Rotates camera below the avatar
RotX+   - Rotates camera counterclockwise around the avatar
RotX-   - Rotates camera clockwise around the avatar
Lock    - Locks Camera in place.  Avatar can move, even off screen, away from the camera. Can reattach with "Default" button.
View    - Locks Camera in place.  Avatar can move, even off screen, away from the camera. Cannot reattach without client restart.
Tight   - No Effect
Loose   - No Effect

From IanYoung: the localHostAddr? looks like an IP address expressed as an (Intel) integer value. To decode, convert to hex (0400A8C0) reverse byte order (C0A80004) add dots (C0.A8.00.04) and convert to decimal ( Looks like you have a router doing NAT and a local network?

From MescadThere Yes, in fact that's exactly right. The computer with There installed is on my network. Thanks

Profile information:

These are the privledges that an avatar may have.

AvPrivId? Name Description
0 Moderator Punish users and temporarily suspend privileges
1 Manager Bossman
2 Move Walking around, riding buggy, etc.
3 Chat Bubble chat with other avatars
4 Call Initiate IM conversations
5 Call for help Request help from There representative
6 Grab and drop Pick up and drop objects
7 Login Logging into There
8 Send mail Send Theremail to another avatar
9 Painter Allowed to submit new textures through the developer program
10 Builder Allowed to submit new models through the developer program
11 Commerce Buying and selling using Therebucks
12 Commerce representative Represent commerce
13 Voice Voice communication with other avatars
14 No newbie areas Can't enter newbie areas
15 Host events Host events
16 Broadband user User has a higher bandwidth connection and can use services like voice and music
17 Mentor Allowed to claim and mentor newbies
18 Music Access to streaming music services
19 Unlimited Claims Allowed to claim an unlimited number of newbies per day (if a mentor)
20 Can Pickup Anything User can pickup anything carriable, anywhere and anytime
21 Can Set Favorite Places User can set favorite places
22 Can Summon User can summon people
23 Can Use Compass User can use the compass
24 Can Goto Avatar User can go to another avatar's position
25 ClusterAccess? Allowed to access the cluster while it is restricted.
26 Can Lead Clubs User can lead clubs
27 Can Rent User can rent things (vending machines or otherwise
28 Can use vending machines Can use, but not necessarily own, vending machines
29 Permanent Member Program User is not in a trial program
30 Customer Support User is a Customer Support representative.
31 (blank) (blank)
32 Club leader (Obsolete) Superceded by privs 34, 35 and 36
33 Employee store access Access to the employees only store
34 Event host On the event host skill ladder
35 Teacher On the teaching skill ladder
36 Newbie helper On the newbie helper skill ladder
37 Level 1 Author Access to level-1 StoryKits?
38 Level 2 Author Access to level-2 StoryKits?
39 Level 3 Author Access to level-3 StoryKits?
40 Teleport to Named Can teleport to a named location
41 Buy Raffle Ticket Can access catalog pages to buy raffle tickets.
42 Beta tester May participate in closed beta testing of new versions of There

As of this writing, Mescad's profile shows these privledges:

11CommerceBuying and selling using Therebucks
13VoiceVoice communication with other avatars
16Broadband userUser has a higher bandwidth connection and can use services like voice and music
18MusicAccess to streaming music services
21Can Set Favorite PlacesUser can set favorite places
22Can SummonUser can summon people
23Can Use CompassUser can use the compass
27Can RentUser can rent things (vending machines or otherwise
28Can use vending machinesCan use, but not necessarily own, vending machines
29Permanent Member ProgramUser is not in a trial program
40Teleport to NamedCan teleport to a named location

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