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A pob is a Paper OBject, which is to say an object that only exists "on paper" in the inventory of an avatar. This is as opposed to a dob or Distributed OBject, which can exist in an avatar's inventory or as an independent object in-world.

The idea is that a pob is a certificate, or a deed, or money, or a key: something with "legal" or "logical" significance that can be a component of transactions but has no physical embodiment in the world.

The major classes of pob are:

You can use the ScriptHook mechanism to view and manipulate your avatar's pobs. The different classes of pob are listed under the /pilotPobs path, as follows:

When using the ScriptHook facility, you must access each pob according to its appropriate category, or the wrong set of attributes and methods may be presented. For example, if there is an outfit pob with a poid of 330230415, then you must access it through the following path:


If you access it through, for example, the /deeds/ category, no methods will be provided and a spurious doid attribute will be displayed.

OpenQuestion: are teleport favourites represented as pobs? The ThereClient log file seems to imply not, because teleports happen through an IhostService? that contains a favourite number, not a poid.

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