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Quite a lot of the functionality of There is accessed through browser windows. This means that if you carefully construct URLs, you can attach that functionality to in-world document objects such as scrolls. In particular, you can construct a teleport scroll by placing a TeleportLink on a scroll. The basic form of a TeleportLink is as follows:

To the end of this template you need to add the doid of the object to which you wish to teleport. You can find the doid of most objects (an 8-digit or 9-digit decimal number) by standing next to it in-world and enabling DoidVision. To get the doid for a FunZone?, look up its details in the "Find Places" part of the There web site, then type Ctrl+N to view the page in a new window and copy the doid from the address bar. Or, read the FunZone?'s sign in-world and use Ctrl+N in the same way.

You can only teleport to certain classes of object:

For example, pasting the following into the link field of a scroll will give you a teleport scroll whose destination is ElTemploDelPollo:

Objects that you can not teleport to include:

It also used to be possible to use a different kind of TeleportLink to teleport to an arbitrary location on PlanetThereia, but that facility has been removed.

The Community Rapid Transit System is based around the use of an external database of objects and their doids, for which it dynamically constructs TeleportLinks.

Teleport Locations

When you teleport to an object, the location to which you teleport depends on the object's type.

Sign Type Drop Distance Teleport Distance
Choose From Five Tally 2.1m 8.8m
Kilroy 1.8m 7.1m
Message 301 1.9m 5.5m
Message 201 1.8m 5.3m
Message 101 2.6m 5.0m
Two Team Scoreboard 2.2m 13.3m
Winner Plaque 2.0m 6.2m

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