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If you're a technical kind of person and a user of the [There] MetaVerse, you probably spend a fair bit of time wondering what is under the hood, and perhaps whether it might be fun to poke at it with a stick.

It turns out that observation, informal conversations with There employees over a couple of Atomic Sours and a certain amount of poking with sticks has produced a steady trickle of the kind of technical information you and I might find interesting. This site exists to collect and make available any such snippets, plus links to OtherSites where similar or related information can be found.

If you have any problems reading this Wiki, it is probably because we have recently changed the StyleSheet. Please let us know about the problem, but in the meantime you can set your preferences to use one of the other StyleSheets we provide, or even one of your own.

What Is Here

You can get a list of all the pages by going to the [Index] or you can scroll down to view Major Topics and New topics. There is a page full of UnsortedSnippets that you can trawl through. Links to OtherSites are also available. If you want to find out what has changed recently, visit RecentChanges from the top of any page. Alternatively, there is an [rss feed] you can use with a news aggregator to see when new pages are created.

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animob, avman, clide, clob, dasp, dob, doid, diphy, edprop, FID, iclob, ihost, oid, pob, poid, sob, sord, thob, uhost, uudob or use the [index].

Unsorted Snippets

About this Wiki


The software I am using to maintain this part of my site is [UseMod], a kind of [Wiki] software. However, at present it doesn't follow the "Wiki Way" by being editable by anyone. Partly, that's just my fear of new technology showing but partly it is because I worry about having to delete a lot of spam. If you have something to contribute, please let me know, and I'll either drop the information you supply in directly, or set you up with edit access. If you have edit access, please visit EditorInformation/Registration and practice with the ScratchPad page first!

Wiki Badges

We use a system of WikiBadges to highlight areas of doubt and uncertainty.


Insofar as it is possible, the information on this site is accurate at the time it is entered. By the time you read it, it may already be wrong in various respects if it wasn't originally. None of the information presented here is endorsed in any way by Makena Technologies.

Active editors

IanYoung, Bedicus, MescadThere, Tablatronix, YuujoAkebono

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