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A thob, or THere OBject, is a C++ class instance running in a SimulationHost process. Each thob represents a particular Distributed OBject (dob) for the purposes of the simulation.

Because the MetaVerse simulation proceeds at the same time on many SimulationHosts (some as ihosts on ThereInc's servers, some as uhosts on subscribers' local machines) any dob may be represented by any number of thobs, one for each SimulationHost for which the dob is relevant. Exactly one of these thobs is designated as the sob (Server OBject) at any given time; all other thobs for that dob are instead clobs (CLient OBjects). The sob is always authoritative and internally consistent; the clobs are not authoritative, and their state is periodically updated from that of the sob.

See also: TechnicalOverview.

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