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The UserCamera+ applet is toggled with the Control+Shift+U key combination. It can also be toggled by setting the flipCamera environment variable to a value of 1. A small window external to the ThereClient opens with the following clickable words:

Default  1stP    3rdPfnt  3rdPTop
Zoom+    Zoom-   FOV+     FOV-
Raise    Lower   RotX+    RotX-
Lock     View    Tight    Loose

These controls have the following actions:
DefaultOriginal POV* when the UserCamera+ was activated
1stPFirst Person View
3rdPfntBody Mirror View
3rdPTopStandard View
Zoom+Moves the camera closer to the avatar
Zoom-Moves the camera away from the avatar
FOV+No known effect (greyed out)
FOV-No known effect (greyed out)

Camera revolves around the avatar
in an ascending arc

Camera revolves around the avatar
in a descending arc
RotX?+Camera revolves counter-clockwise around the avatar
RotX?-Camera revolves clockwise around the avatar

Locks Camera in place. Avatar can move
independently of the camera.
Reattaches with the "Default" button.

Overrides seating camera to allow a non-
seated POV with zoom, etc.
Restore seated POV by selecting View
again. Do not use unless seated. It will
lock the camera in place and it will not
unlock without sitting down or
restarting ThereClient
TightEffective only from a seated position.
LooseEffective only from a seated position.

The default view will automatically be restored if the UserCamera+ is toggled via Control-Shift-U but it must be manually restored if the camera is accessed via the flipCamera environment variable. * POV == Point Of View

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