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Environment variable in this context means a variable created within the ThereClient environment, not that of the Microsoft® Windows operating system[1]. Typecast as Integer, Double or String, environment variables control various parameters of ThereClient. Variables can be assigned a value in one of three ways:
  1. manually or programmatically entered via the environment variable editor
  2. loaded from the envtestfile.txt configuration file
  3. assigned by ThereClient itself
Many environment variables are instantiated with a null value at the start of ThereClient. Most environment variables retain an assigned value for the duration of the session, but a few change values over the course of the session. Environment variables can be re-cast as a different type by using the "Override the type?" option in the environment variable editor. New variables may be loaded or instantiated "on-the-fly", though their usefulness is limited to third party applications. All regular variables and their values will return to their defaults, and new variables will be lost with the next run of ThereClient unless explicitly defined in the envtestfile.txt file. Speculation: environment variables are Lua[2] variables.

Known Variables

and some sample values

[+] links open ThereClient's environment editor. From the main ThereClient window, press Control-Shift-L to open external access to ThereClient's internal server before using one of these links.

mStepContinuous [+]0
visDirectivity [+]0
clientIsBeta [+]0
localHostAddr [+]1868888886
deprecatedPilotAvManAddr [+]-1948688896
clientAppPort [+]9999
uudmUpdatable [+]1
guiManGuiChoice [+]2
Nonverbose [+]1
new_login [+]1
maxActiveDownloads [+]5
pilotDoid [+]138888888
perfVisBandwidth [+]20000
debugCachingTfs [+]0
uudmEnabled [+]1

mThobStepLimit [+]0.1
mThobStepPeriod [+]0
navigateEndTime [+]1.09037e+009
textHeight [+]0.14
totalDownloadBandwidth [+]32000

An integer can be redefined as a double by including a decimal point (and vice-versa).

Variable Queries:

NameDescriptionsample valueType
AccGroupVis [+]show/hide chat group snap rings1,0integer
auditAssets [+]
buggyStat [+]
clientAppPort [+]Override default port 9999 (not recommended)1-65535integer
ChatExtra2d [+]
ChatExtra3d [+]
ChatOffset [+]
ColView [+]
decoratorMode [+]DOID of house/paz/zone currently being decorated376975797integer
downloadHud [+]show/hide download HUD1,0integer
extentBuffX [+]
extentBuffZ [+]
flipCamera [+]toggle UserCamera+ controls window on/off1,0
flipHud [+]show/hide FPS and PPS HUD 1,0
forceToLod [+]force objects to render at specified lod0,1,2integer
fps [+]
density [+]
Gag [+]
globsGrow [+]
growthRate [+]
hideSpeech [+]hide/show Speech Waveform1,0integer
hmEvil [+]show/hide HostMan? Evil Options form1,0integer
hostHud [+]show/hide host HUD1,0integer
hostNoDanimHints [+]
localHostAddr [+]show local host IP address as decimal integer
LogMusicScapes [+]
LogSoundScapes [+]
maxActiveDownloads [+]limit simultaneous downloads5integer
maxPull [+]
midoid [+]
model [+]hide/show There objects1,0
musicHud [+]reveal/hide music HUD1,0
navigateDurationEstimate [+]
navigateEndTime [+]changes with each query
navigateSleep [+]
near [+]Inverts rendering ? ( AKA xray vision )0,1
noAbsPhenoMult [+]
noik [+]
nopose [+]
noRenderHud [+]hide/show name tags and Flash movies0,1integer
objectHighlightsActiveAlpha [+]action tag back ground alpha0-200integer
objectHighlightsAlpha [+]action tag text alpha0-200integer
objectHighlightsAntiAliased [+]action tag anti alias0,1integer
objectHighlightsFontSize [+]set action tag font size14integer
objectHighlightsHelperDistance [+]
objectHighlightsSheet [+]hide/show bitmap overlay of action tagsmap 0,1integer
oneModel [+]
phenoScale [+]modifies appearance of avie ( aka Monster Mode )10integer
pilotDoid [+]your DOID at login time 123456789integer
puppetMode [+]
removeVeil [+]
renderDoidsDistance [+]
sectorGrid [+]show/hide 9x9 grid (size mutiplier/ 0=off)1integer
shadow5678 [+]
shadowAdjust [+]
shadowThreshold [+]
showMig [+]
showObjectLabels [+]

show all visible nametags regardless of your
heading. Tags that would be suppressed
are bunched up on one side of the display
showOtherZones [+]

show/hide light blue lines for sound zones, green for houses,
PAZs, neighbourhoods and f*zones, pink for lots
showPermissionZones [+]
showRepairs [+]show/hide physics corrections 1,0integer
showSoundZones [+]show/hide light blue lines to mark sound zone boundaries1,0
showTerminated [+]
smileyLightenFactor [+]
soundBankName [+]
soundVolumeBackgroundActive [+]Master background audio level in There window0.0-1.0double
soundVolumeBackgroundInactive [+]Master background audio level out of There window0.0-1.0double
soundVolumeContinuous [+]Level of continuous audio relative to environment level0.0-1.0double
soundVolumeOneShot [+]Level of 1-shot audio relative to environment level0.0-1.0double
soundVolumeVoiceIm [+]IM voice level relative to voice master level0.0-1.0double
soundVolumeVoiceImBackground [+]Attenuated background level during IM0.0-1.0double
soundVolumeVoiceWob [+]World voice level relative to voice master0.0-10.0double
soundVolumeVoiceWobBackground [+]Background fade-in delay after voice0.0-1.0double
TACPurgeAll [+]
TAIPurgeAll [+]
TATPurgeAll [+]
ThereCamPhotoQuality [+]jpg compression quality as a percentage (default 0=90%)0-100integer
ThereCamUsePng [+] values are 1 or 0, 1 means save as .png instead of .jpg0,1integer
totalDownloadBandwidth [+]
trendSec [+]visibly render sectors 1,0
uiTiming [+]
visUseCameraPos [+]
voiceFalloffScale [+] [postit note - Bedicus]
voiceRealtime [+]

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