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This Wiki uses a CSS StyleSheet to specify the formatting of the various page elements. If you don't like the default, or if your browser is having any difficulties with it, you might like to try some of these alternatives:

You can change the StyleSheet used for this site by clicking on the Preferences link in the header and putting an appropriate URL into the "StyleSheet URL" field at the bottom of the form.

Out of my hatred for default styles/color and boredom, I made this There themed stylesheet.
Feel free to use it.( you can stick it in prefs )
Add your own stylesheets or modify mine and post changes.
My URL version may change without notice as its still being tweaked.
It all validates expect for the scrollbars as usual.

OK I am happy with it. I tested it in IE and mozilla.

and it validates fully [ link removed ]

Ian go ahead and use it as default if you wish. I would allow ppl to go back to original if they want to by putting http://www.iay.org.uk/there/wiki/wiki.css into the Stylesheet input on the preferences page.

I set your image to display:none so you will have to del the option if you want to put an image back in the header. (there are comments in the file)

Let me know of any bugs you find. Also usemod has alot of named elements so i couldnt see them all , if you add any features or menus or modules i may have to add some more styling for them ( I dont mind at all! ). Oh and if you have any administrative pages that arent styled send me an html file and ill add those in the sylesheet for ya.

Im just loving the pre boxes, makes code fragments easier to read.

-- Tablatronix

OK, I have imported your new StyleSheet and made it the default by overwriting wiki.css (the name of which is built in to some configuration file somewhere). I've added some text at the top of this page linked from the front page for people who want to change StyleSheet on the fly, and the old StyleSheet is available there for anyone who wants it.

For now, I have taken your CSS verbatim. I may tweak a couple of text sizes later (probably just H1, H2 and the redirect text in the heading) but this is streets ahead of what we had before so there is no hurry. I'll also bring the image back if I can figure out how to make it not look horrible, but that might involve real work so it won't be soon.

I've noticed a couple of cross-browser rendering inconsistencies but none of them are annoying enough to spend time on...

-- IanYoung

Yeah you may have to tweak some font sizes , I run my monitors at wierd resolutions so it was hard for me to guage good sizes for everyone and the hell with converting them all to em.

For your image you can simply make it a transparent gif and it might look ok.

-- Tablatronix

Known problems with the current default stylesheet:

Problems fixed 20040423:

Problems fixed 20040505:

-- IanYoung

I guess opera doesnt support <Td> borders or negative margins used for the header and footer. I honestly dont have a clue what the Nested bullet reversals are ( i got some of that stylesheet from another usemod sheet ) I actually meant to remove those.

-- tablatronix

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