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Life’s full of mysteries. Consider this one of them.
   — Jeffrey Sinclair, Babylon 5, Season 1 Episode 2: “Soul Hunter

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Life’s full of mysteries. Consider this one of them.

Specific changes:

  • The Internal Strength Magazine sub-site has moved to a new location.

  • The European Inkjet Resource no longer exists.

    Starting in late 2000, I maintained a sub-site here called the “European Inkjet Resource” (or “Euro Ink” for short), which carried a lot of detail about European availability of specialised paper, ink and software for photographic inkjet printing. I managed to keep this fairly well updated until around 2005 or so, but after that it started to be less well maintained as my interests (and available time) moved elsewhere. In late 2011 (after five years without an update) I decided that it would be better to remove the now grossly outdated information from the web.

    If you really need to access that old content, the Wayback Machine may be able to help you.