“A nearly impenetrable thicket of geekitude…”

Ian A. Young

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Hi. My name is Ian Young, and this is my web site. Look around; make yourself at home. Read my blog, look at some of my photography and greetings cards; whatever takes your fancy.

If you need to contact me, the best way to do so is to send me e-mail at ian@iay.org.uk. I have a reasonably well attested PGP key and a commercial S/MIME certificate for that address if you feel the need for privacy or authentication.

I always welcome comments on my web site, and particularly on my photography.

iay at Work

Since gaining my Degree in Computer Science from Edinburgh University way back in 1982, I’ve been working in the general area often described as “systems” software. For me, that has meant following my long-term interests: compilers, operating systems, networking and cryptography.

I worked at Lattice Logic Ltd from 1982 to 1987; this was a “silicon compiler” company, with an early semi-custom ASIC technology and associated design tools. I worked on things like the logic simulator, as well as the compilers supporting the local Imp-77 programming language in which the design tools themselves were written.

Lattice also had a sideline in high-level language compilers for languages like C and Pascal, spun out into a separate business called 3L Ltd (now defunct) in 1987. At 3L, our line of compilers for the Inmos transputer (an embedded parallel processing platform) led us to develop complete parallel programming systems for other later embedded parallel processors from Texas Instruments and Analog Devices amongst others.

3L was acquired by Spectrum Signal Processing in 1997 and for a short period in 1999 I was simultaneously Technical Director of 3L Ltd and Software Architect at Spectrum. Many frequent flyer miles were earned during this period.

I stayed with 3L through the demerger from Spectrum in 2000 until early 2001; since then I have been operating as an independent consultant and contractor. Recent work areas have included databases, web applications, embedded file systems and digital identity as well as a compiler and virtual machine for a proprietary programming language.

iay Elsewhere

I’m known in various on-line communities under various names, although I try and pick iay or ianayoung whenever possible just to conserve brain cells. Here are some of those other places:

iay Elsewhen

I’ve been kicking around online for long enough to have accumulated a number of digital identities that are no longer valid. In case you’re using a search engine to look for me under one of those identities, here’s a brief list of things that used to be me:

  • I used to visit the virtual world of There a fair bit (as iay). There is a separate part of this site devoted to There, including some add-on software I wrote, a technical wiki and a blog of musings. I don’t go There any more.
  • ...seismo!mcvax!ukc!latlog!ian
  • ian@latlog.uucp
  • iay@threel.co.uk
  • iay@threel.com
  • iay@3L.com
  • iay@3L.co.uk
  • ian@rats.demon.co.uk