“A nearly impenetrable thicket of geekitude…”

Contact Me

I always welcome comments on the site, on my blog, on the work I do, and on my photography.

I work as an independent consultant, so I am also always happy to be approached about potential opportunities. My software page is worth reading first so that you know the kind of work I do and therefore whether a collaboration would make sense.

The best way to contact me is to send me e-mail at ian@iay.org.uk. I have a reasonably well attested PGP key and a commercial S/MIME certificate for that address if you feel the need for privacy or authentication.

I’m much less keen on other unsolicited commercial approaches, even from real people (and never from bots, of course). In particular, I am not in the market for:

  • Hiring people.
  • Being hired for work entirely unrelated to my specialisms, as above.
  • Increasing my site traffic, or SEO by any other name.
  • Exchanging site links.
  • Accepting articles for this site written by, or paid for by, you.

Some of the above may seem a little unlikely, but they are all unfortunately very common. As a result, this page no longer has an automated contact form.