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Wiki un-Wikied

iay@there: Musings on a Virtual World

It has been more than a decade since the technical wiki has been updated. Given that it has been running a version of the even older UseMod wiki software all that time, I thought it was about time to remove that dependency and tidy things up a little.

The result is a new static version of the final “wiki” content built around the Nanoc static site generation software, which ultimately I plan to use for the whole of Technology Stir Fry. I have taken the opportunity to rationalise some aspects of the content (for example, by having pages named things like doid rather than Doid, but if you have links to the old content they should still work (they will be redirected).

Of course this change means that any additional contributions anyone wants to make (after ten years of silence) will have to be made by contacting me.

Reading through the old wiki while converting it, I realised that a lot of it is still interesting for anyone interested in how to build virtual worlds; I recommend the technical overview to anyone who wants an overview. It’s also interesting, to me at least, as a historical record. I’m happy to be able to preserve that for the ages without having to depend on a fifteen-year-old Perl script…