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The Joy Of Tech (TM)

I’ve never been much of a fan of web comics other than Dilbert, and of course that’s really only a web comic if like me you’re too cheap to buy a newspaper. After an hour or so browsing around and laughing out loud, though, I think The Joy of Tech by Nitrozac and Snaggy has changed my mind.

I’d have to assume that either Nitrozac or Snaggy is a big Macintosh fan, as quite a lot of the strips have that characteristic Apple-booster smugness to them. Plus the site is plastered with iPod adverts and some of the characters work in an Apple store, so perhaps a Great Detective level of observation and deduction isn’t required. However, even the anti-Linux cartoons are handled with a certain gentleness: Linux Guru in a can has to be my favourite of this type, with risks of installing Linux a close second. If you’ve ever got a bit tired of the hypocrisy on places like Slashdot, wanna play some games may ring a bell, too.

For Mac people, though, they don’t rag on the Microsoft keiretsu too much (other than the deep dislike they’ve apparently taken to the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy in multiple cartoons, all of which might be funnier to me if the ads had ever run outside North America). This is good because it apparently leaves them plenty of mental energy to get a few digs in at Steve Jobs and of course Apple boosters in general.

Away from the “my computer’s better than your computer” genre, there’s a lot of really funny stuff: Star Wars, spam, cats, DNS, coffee, marriage, you name it.

Go there, read them all, PayPal them a few bucks. You’ll enjoy it.

Hey thanks Ian! :-D

Hope you are still a fan. :)

— Snaggy on April 19, 2006

Absolutely. I even bought me a Mac so that I could have a JoT widget in my dashboard…

— iay on April 20, 2006