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Sometimes I play video games. Even more rarely, I write articles about the games I play.

Free Cake: Not a Lie

This was a triumph.

I’m making a note here: “Huge Success”.

Portal is free for the next few days, on both PC and Mac.

If you’ve never played it, Portal is pretty hard to describe. Instead, I’ll just direct you to the trailer.


Cuddly Headcrab

In deference to my more squeamish readers, I won’t post an image showing this excellent plush version of the iconic Half-Life enemy, the Headcrab.

I’m finding, in fact, that people who haven’t played any of the Half-Life series have some kind of mental block that makes them run screaming from the room on seeing this, rather than the more typical “how cute” that you might expect. Well, that you might expect if you are someone who has grown to love the cute little critters, or at least learned to downgrade them to “annoying” after the first few thousand encounters.

Two bits of bad news on the HL2 Headcrab Collectible page: firstly, you can wear them as a hat, but only if you are yourself a quarter-scale model or perhaps a large cat or small dog. Secondly, they are all sold out…