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Movable Type 3.14

Like many other people, the burden of discarding unwanted blog comment spam has been loading down my server recently, even though very little of it gets through to the site now thanks to MT-Blacklist. I have therefore upgraded to Movable Type 3.14, which reduces this problem by not regenerating parts of the site when it isn’t needed.

Not completely to my surprise, there were a couple of rough edges in the upgrade process that needed to be sanded down. The effect of both of these problems was that MT-Blacklist didn’t work properly, but gave a server configuration error instead.

The first change I made was to lib/MT.pm as follows:

<     $mt->set_language('en_us');
> ### $mt->set_language('en_us');
>     MT->set_language('en_us');

This issue apparently first appeared in Movable Type 3.12, which I didn’t install.

The second issue (also apparently dating from Movable Type 3.12) requires the following change to plugins/Blacklist/lib/Blacklist/App.pm:

<     $app->{breadcrumbs}[0]->{bc_uri} =~ s#mt-blacklist.cgi$#$adm#;
> ### $app->{breadcrumbs}[0]->{bc_uri} =~ s#mt-blacklist.cgi$#$adm#;