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ACLU Pizza

I’ve been scanning old entries from Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog, catching up on things I missed the first time round. I’m only up to January so far, but there’s a lot of good thinking in there as well as links to some gems. One of the things I hadn’t seen before is an ACLU advertisment portraying a world in which the local pizza delivery company knows far more about you than they need to.

I find this to be quite a plausible and chilling picture of Identity Gone Wrong, although I’d probably worry more about those in authority having this kind of ability than about the pizza company. I’m sure there are people who would say that such things couldn’t happen, and that the ACLU are being needlessly alarmist. However, as you’re watching each of Kim’s Laws of Identity being broken, it’s quite easy to hear someone softly saying “we’re doing this for your convenience” or “we’re doing this for your security” in the background.