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New Host

This blog and the associated site, with its multiple custom databases and funny little web applications, has moved from “somewhere in England” to “somewhere in California”. Things seem to be stable, but if you see anything peculiar going on or can’t reach me using my normal address, let me know at redacted instead.

The new host is at DreamHost.com in Los Angeles, where I’ve had a shared hosting account for some other projects for about a year now. DreamHost do ridiculously well-equipped shared hosting plans for hardly any money, so if you’re looking for something in that line you should definitely consider them. Their best deal at the time of writing is to use the promotional code 888, which gives you 80% off your first year.

They also run a slightly pyramid-like referral scheme, so failing the above offer you could try the promotional code IAYHALFERS which rebates you half of my referral kick-back; on most plans, that’s worth $48.50.

I picked up a hosted server about a year ago but rather than being managed, it was effectively a dedicated server but without the $99/mo price tag that your guys charge - by virtue of being a virtual machine rather than a dedicated one. You still have root access and can configure it any way you like, it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from a physically dedicated system.

Although the performance guarantees are obviously not as high as a dedicated rackmount, the performance has been as much as I need (for backup MX, sometimes backup email and once a ‘disaster recovery’ web presence)

Worth considering. There are dozens of companies offering UML service. (That’s User Mode Linux - not the other thing with the same initials)

— Graham Toal on December 19, 2005