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Jonathan Coulton to appear in Second Life

Jonathan Coulton, my favourite writer of songs about robot overlords and uppity zombie co-workers, will be featuring at a Second Life Concert:

OK, this is one that everybody can attend. On September 14th I’ll be playing a show in Second Life (the show starts at 5PM SL time, aka West Coast time). Yes: a virtual show in a virtual world with my virtual self, Yonatan Coalcliff.

Alas, the show starts way past my bedtime over here in PT+8 land, so I’ll just have to hope for some good recordings by people who can be there “in person”. Just as well, really, my Code Monkey avatar is at the cleaners.

(Via Jonathan Coulton.)

Just spotted this on Charlie Stross’ weblog….

— Steve G on October 18, 2006