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Federated Access Management Animation

We’re moving house at the end of next month. I’m told that the new neighbours have been told that I’m “in computers” and that they are all looking forward to meeting us. Hopefully this doesn’t mean they want me to fix their broken Windows machines.

The good news is that if I need to explain what I actually do on the identity side of things, the JISC have just come to my rescue by producing a new animation explaining federated access management. The voice-over is pitched at a fairly non-technical level, and the little animated <Subject>s act out the scenes with a surprising amount of expression and a fair bit of wit. They remind me a lot of the little green guys in Darwinia, in fact.

This is not the sort of thing you’d use to communicate with a techie who wanted to know the difference between Browser/POST and Browser/Artifact, but it’s a pretty good introduction to some of the basic ideas for everyone else.


[2018-02-15: relinked via the Wayback Machine]