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OmniFocus 1.0

After a long public beta program, OmniFocus, OmniGroup’s “professional-grade personal task management” application for the Mac, has finally reached its 1.0 milestone. If you’re already both a Mac cultist and a Getting Things Done convert, you probably already know this because you’re one of the 13,590 people who pre-ordered it.

GTD and OmniFocus won’t magically rescue you from being disorganised (they certainly haven’t entirely done that for me) but I’ve found that some of the GTD principles that OmniFocus allows you to implement really do lead to some level of stress reduction:

  • Get everything that’s on your mind out of your head and into a trusted system.

  • Plan in terms of small, concrete, actionable steps.

  • Concentrate on the next available action for your current context.

You probably can’t plan multi-person mega-projects this way, but that’s not what this product is for. If you’re trying to hold together a lot of smaller projects, it can be pretty much ideal. There’s a 14-day trial available.