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Metadata Interchange V3

Posted on October 12, 2008 at 22:55

Many thanks to everyone who commented on the previous edition of Some Notes on Metadata Interchange. I’m in New Orleans for the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting this week, and as I expect to be discussing this area with a number of the other people attending I think this seems like a good time to publish a revision. This edition goes into more detail in some areas, as well as improving sections which needed clarification.

  • snomi-v3.pdf is a clean copy of the document for new readers
  • snomi-v3-diff.pdf includes change indications for people who have read the previous edition

I continue to welcome comments and discussion. The next edition might be a couple of weeks away, but will likely go into more detail on what I think an aggregation appliance might need to include.

Long overdue! My humble view from the trenches:

Metadata Interchange : avoiding the Martians

— Alistair on October 15, 2008