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The Avant Cellist

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 13:07

I stumbled upon the music of Zoë Keating (specifically, Tetrishead) some years ago in, of all places, an early Dawn and Drew podcast. The latter fell victim to my “unsubscribe from one thing every week” rule four or five years ago, but I come back to this hypnotic music again and again.

You should, of course, run out and buy all of her music directly from her web site in order to increase the likelihood that we’ll all have more to enjoy in the future. The thing that prompts this post, though, is a short documentary film. It was made by Intel as some kind of advertising ploy for a semiconductor product that they happen to manufacture, but thankfully that’s not too blatant and the film is well worth its six minutes. The soundtrack is superb, as you might expect.