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The 38th meeting of the REFEDS (Research and Education FEDerations) group took place this weekend. After Matte Miettinen had summarised the state of the Shibboleth Consortium, I gave a brief presentation updating everyone on the project’s technical status. You can download a PDF copy of the slides.

Some highlights:

  • Consortium funding has improved greatly in the last year, and we’re much more comfortable with our ability to get things done as a result.
  • Now is the time to review the planned deprecations for V3.4 of the Shibboleth IdP, before they are locked in by its release later this year. Let us know which if any of those are problematic: deprecated features in V3.4 will be removed in V4.0.
  • V3.0 of the Shibboleth SP is now in beta; compatibility with V2.x will be nearly 100%, but read the release notes to see what’s new.
  • In beautiful Trondheim, you can have Brunost for breakfast. This was quite a treat for me, as I don’t see this cheese very often back home.