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Bad Hair Days

Posted on February 18, 2021 at 19:19

My haircut is one year old today.

In the Before Times, I’d normally have a professional trim back the excess once every couple of months. The last such occasion was 18th of February, 2020; I remember it well. The new guy and I were experimenting with perhaps a slightly different cut. Not anything anyone else would notice, you understand; I’m not a dandy. But once every two or three decades, I’m open to refinements.

Then Things Started Happening. I’m pretty risk-averse, and more to the point I understand exponential growth, so I personally started shedding excursions of all kinds from around March 10th. My hair started its journey from baseline to Shaggy.

When we came out of the first peak, I was quite far along the path to Chewbacca. Just as I was steeling myself to get things taken care of, of course, things started going pear shaped again and my budding Einstein, 1947 ‘do had to wait.

Some time between then and now, I’ve reached full Shepherd Book. Like him, I’ve taken to making the horror less visible (at least to others on video calls) by tying some of the surplus back in a pony tail1. Like River, though, I know the hair is still there… waiting.

  1. Incidentally, that wasn’t anywhere as simple to do as I expected, another example of the general rule that if you don’t know how to to something, there’s a tendency to assume that it’s easy to do. If you see someone do something every day, it obviously requires no skills. Of course the opposite is true.