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May 2004

List of Ingredients

One of the reasons I decided to use Movable Type to run this blog was that you get the source, which means you can poke around with it if you want to. In addition, lots of other people have already written plugins for the basic system.

This article describes the ingredients that go together to make the current Technology Stir Fry. I plan to update it when I make significant changes to the site.

[Latest update 20040520: Upgraded MT-Blacklist to V1.63, then to V1.64.]


Arms Race

While listening to an interview with Bruce Schneier recently, I was struck by his depiction of the problem of the red and blue doors. Simply put, he observes that much security thinking is (given the way politics works) inevitably built around watching which door the bad guys go through, then putting guards on it. Money spent, “something has been done”, problem solved.