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April 2006

Internet Identity Workshop 2006

Phil Windley, Kaliya Hamlin and Doc Searls are running the Internet Identity Workshop 2006 this coming week. It sounds interesting, but Mountain View is a little out of my way.

On the other hand, who can do other than stand in awe in front of the Workshop logo, shown here? A dog, wearing a mask, sitting in front of a computer: perhaps the oldest gag in the digital identity game. I'd say "priceless", but in fact you can buy merchandise.


Knife Sharpening

I've always had a respect for good tools, and taken a delight in a kitchen knife that cuts well. Cook Ting I am not, however, and when I have blunted my blade I go to my toolbox and take out the sharpening stone my father gave me.

A haphazard half hour later, I have usually managed to put a frighteningly sharp edge back on the knife, at least for a while. Until today, I had only the vaguest idea of what I was doing; this changed after reading Chad Ward's Knife Maintenance and Sharpening tutorial. Now that I actually understand how sharpening works, I'm hoping I can be a little less haphazard about it.

[via Megnut by way of Boing Boing]