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April 2009


I'm in Arlington, Virginia this week for the Internet2 Member Meeting. As usual, lots of good hallway conversations and meetings. I had to work my passage this time by contributing a presentation to a joint session on Building on Success: from Identity Federation to Interfederation.

As well as the traditional statistics about how large the UK federation has become, I talked a bit about some of the things I think contributed to its success. This was more in terms of broad concepts than details, the idea being to give people thinking of setting up new federations a guide to some of the tradeoffs involved.

As usual, here’s a PDF version of my slides from the presentation:


FAM Futures

Earlier this month, I led a couple of breakout sessions at the UK Serials Group's conference in Torquay.

I knew that I'd have a wide range of people in the room in each session, so I put together a slide deck that would have something for everyone and talked about different subjects to different levels on each of the two days.

Some of the slides won't make much sense without explanation, but others do stand alone, I think. If you're interested, here's a PDF version of the slides stripped of the animations: