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May 2010

How Many Elephants?

I’ve been thinking a fair bit these last few months about the notion of misaligned incentives. Both professionally and in the public policy sphere, people optimise for what’s best for them individually; if you want a particular outcome, you need to make sure that everyone involved has an incentive towards making that outcome a reality.

I recently came across this perfect expression of the idea, which I pass along here without further comment:

It’s true: never let the guy with the broom decide how many elephants can be in the parade.

[Merlin Mann said that.]


Free Cake: Not a Lie

This was a triumph.

I'm making a note here: "Huge Success".

Portal is free for the next few days, on both PC and Mac.

If you've never played it, Portal is pretty hard to describe. Instead, I'll just direct you to the trailer.