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March 2006

Global Kids Island

As previously mentioned, I spent some time earlier this year working on the software side of a virtual construction project in Second Life. Because the project involved building something that people had to figure out on their own, I have been a bit reticent about describing it in any detail… but now the story can be told.


The Meeting

I used to spent a fair fraction of my time in meetings; it is one of the lasting joys of a shift to more independent working that this is no longer the case. Chip Morningstar is still very much in that world, though:

I am convinced that the fundamental ontological construct of the universe is The Meeting. The Meeting is one. There is only one Meeting. The Meeting is all.

Chip's panegyric on The Meeting continues for some time in this vein. Personally, I'd have started to worry when I found myself capitalizing the term.


EPS International 2006 Entry Form

If you're looking for an entry form for the Edinburgh Photographic Society's 144th International Exhibition of Photography, you can download one here (PDF).