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Barrow is a straightforward 35mm monochrome picture, scanned from the negative and then digitally printed on an Epson 740 printer. The toning effect was achieved by playing around with Photoshop’s “duotone” settings until I got a result I wanted, which was rather like a deeply (some might say “over”) selenium split-toned silver gelatin print. If you look closely, you can see that different depths of tone in the print have different colours: this is one of those techniques that work in a minority of images, but I obviously feel this is one of the cases where the result is pleasant without being too distracting. I regret that I have lost the description of the precise settings I used, so if I ever want to do another one of these I will have to start from scratch. This is less of a tragedy than it sounds, because the Photoshop “duotone” system is so hard to control that I have no expectation that the above result is the best one I can come up with: a reprint may even turn out to be better.

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