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Stone Sequence #2

"Stone Sequence #2"

This image is of some rocks a few feet away from Rock Form, in a little hidden bay in Scullomie, near Tongue in the far north of Scotland. This area is familiar enough to anyone in my family that my father recognised this rock immediately from the print. I’ve spent quite a lot of time photographing down by the shore there because of the amazing variety of shapes to be seen, which are only enhanced by the interesting ways they dry out after high tide; you can see some evidence of this in the dark “veins” in the picture above.

Stone Sequence has been my only attempt at a panel of prints to date: Rock Form is then called Stone Sequence #1, and there are six prints in the sequence, culminating in a later image of the original rock form in which the stone can be seen to have suffered some extremely violent weathering in the intervening years.

The print is a conventional gelatin silver print made from a large format monochrome negative.

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