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Storm, Arches N.P.

"Storm, Arches N.P"

Like Evening Tufa, Mono Lake, CA, this image was originally made using a wooden view camera on 5″ x 4″ large format colour negative film, which is about as traditional as you can get without coating the glass plates yourself. However, it is also printed in the same way as Evening Tufa with the full benefit of Photoshop and an Epson 1160 colour printer. In this image, the sky and left-hand distant mountains were far too intense and too blue in the original to carry the feeling of the distant storm, so they have been greatly de-saturated before printing. Various other adjustments were also required to the sky in general, to the middle ground and to the foreground rocks. Although these manipulations are not trivial (perhaps six or seven hours work in all on this image) they would have been well beyond my capabilities in the conventional darkroom.

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