“A nearly impenetrable thicket of geekitude…”


The site update work I talked about in the last post has been completed:

  • Everything has now moved from the www.iay.org.uk domain to iay.org.uk.
  • Both of the old Movable Type blogs (this one, Technology Stir Fry, and the long retired iay@there) have been imported into Drupal.
  • Many URLs have changed as part of this, but I think I have entered redirects for all of them (Drupal’s aliasing and redirect systems are really nice).
  • In particular, the two blogs have new RSS feed locations, but the redirects seem to work for at least some RSS aggregators, such as Google Reader.

I’m pretty happy with the conversion, although I’ll probably change the theme once I have thought a bit about how I’d like the site to look like long term. Being able to theme everything at once will be nice; I’ve never been happy with the blogs looking so different to the rest of the site.

Let me know if you spot any rough edges.

[2012-06-01: Updated the site colophon with some description of the Drupal modules I’m using.]